Steuben County 1st Quarter 2017 Stats

As expected Steuben county is HEATING UP!  Prices jumped 11% in the first quarter year over year.  Looking promising for a hot summer for lake sales!

Remember, if you’re considering selling your lake place, please jump over to, where I share the four most important questions to ask yourself before hiring a Realtor to represent you.

Market was just plain CRAZY in 2016. I showed one house the day it came on the market, made an offer in the first 6 hours, only to be told there were SEVEN offers!  Never seen anything like it!

SEVERE shortage of available homes for sale pushed prices up from 4-8% around town.  If you’ve considered selling, this is definitely the time!

Here are some reasons for moving in 2017:  Maybe getting married? Divorced? Promoted at work? Downsizing? Growing family? Who comes to mind? 😀  Grab your phone and let me know!  You know I have been blessed the last few years to only work with people I know or who are introduced to me.  Don’t want to start cold-calling now!  Or ***gasp!*** door-knocking!  OMG  help a brother out!