Steuben County 1st Quarter 2017 Stats

As expected Steuben county is HEATING UP!  Prices jumped 11% in the first quarter year over year.  Looking promising for a hot summer for lake sales!

Remember, if you’re considering selling your lake place, please jump over to, where I share the four most important questions to ask yourself before hiring a Realtor to represent you.

Predictions for Northeast Indiana Lake Property in 2017

I grew up on Clear Lake hunting beer cans, barefooting, dancing at the yacht club, riding BMX and eating a whole lot of pancakes! 😀  Started going to my grandparents’ cottage when I was just 2 weeks old!  So I’ve been going there for over 50 years now! WOW!

I took a drive around the lake yesterday and wanted to share my thoughts with you about the likelihood of prices rising, perhaps dramatically, over the next few years.

Let me know in the comments whether you think I’m on point or way off track.  And please share this good news with one of your cottage-owner friends.  You’ll get some good brownie points for sharing the good news!


Market was just plain CRAZY in 2016. I showed one house the day it came on the market, made an offer in the first 6 hours, only to be told there were SEVEN offers!  Never seen anything like it!

SEVERE shortage of available homes for sale pushed prices up from 4-8% around town.  If you’ve considered selling, this is definitely the time!

Here are some reasons for moving in 2017:  Maybe getting married? Divorced? Promoted at work? Downsizing? Growing family? Who comes to mind? 😀  Grab your phone and let me know!  You know I have been blessed the last few years to only work with people I know or who are introduced to me.  Don’t want to start cold-calling now!  Or ***gasp!*** door-knocking!  OMG  help a brother out!


2016 Real Estate Year in Review – Steuben County, IN

Market is getting STRONGER up in Steuben county.  If peoples’ confidence in the economy continues to rise I expect the demand for lake properties will grow significantly in 2017, further reducing the time on the market.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the lake market has it’s strongest spring in years.

Who do you know who would like to take advantage of the strengthening demand to sell their cottage?  Please take out your phone or shoot me an email letting me know!

Quick Look Back at an AMAZING 2016!

Guys… Seriously, putting together this thank you video for 2016 really made me realize just how lucky I am!

Thanks to YOU I helped 27 families while the avg Realtor helped just seven.

Thanks to YOU I worked with only nice, respectful people who actually wanted my help.

Thanks to YOU I live in a beautiful little home, eat healthy organic food, and even get a little vacation time now and then, all while doing work I love!

Seriously… THANK YOU so much to each and every person who trusted me with their move, or introduced me to someone they care about who could use my help.

2016 final tally –

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 27 families (15 sellers & 12 buyers)
🏠 $5,200,000 in sales
🏡 avg sales price roughly $190,000 (avg time on the market <11 days!)
 ZERO jerks! 😛

I love you guys! Thanks so much! Here’s to a rockin’ 2017!

The Six Reasons Homes DON’T Sell

How would YOU feel if your home had been up for sale for 3, 6, or even 12 months without selling?  Frustrated?  Angry?  Both? One thing’s for sure:  You would want to know WHY!

Here is my VERY BEST advice as to the six reasons WHY homes DON’T sell. Fix these and get moving!

Would you be comfortable sharing this post with people you care about who could use some help getting their home sold?  Please and thank you!

Top 6 Money-Saving Tips When Relocating!

Reimburse Yourself: Money Saving Tips for Relocating

Note from Chris:  Ken is a personal friend and was kind enough to offer these suggestions to help you save money on your upcoming move. Thanks, Kenny-G!

  1. moving boxesPack all the small items (breakables, dishes, books, clothing, toys, etc.) into boxes yourself.  This is the best way to save money, as having a moving company do the packing can easily cost $25-$30 per carton (labor + materials).
  2. The easiest way to get materials is by going to a grocery store, merchandise store (like a Target or Best Buy) and seeing if these stores have boxes – usually these store will just give cartons away for free.
  3. Use paper/newsprint to wrap or pack fragile/breakable item. Paper is much more protective than bubble-wrap or Styrofoam “popcorn”, and is less expensive to acquire.
  4. If moving locally, move the smaller items yourself.  Since a local move is based on time, every trip to/from the truck you can save the movers is savings for yourself. It can take a similar amount of time to move a triple dresser and an end table – but it is much easier to move an end table yourself.
  5. Make sure all dresser drawers, end tables, night stands, desks – anything with drawers – are emptied prior to moving. Not only is this easier on the furniture while in transit from Origin to Destination, the furniture can be moved quicker, because it’s empty.
  6. Use the “$0.60 per pound per article” Valuation Protection option (Insurance) when deciding on Valuation Protection. This can save you hundreds of dollars, and if your Homeowners Policy covers a relocation, you don’t need to purchase the moving company’s valuation protection. There is some risk here, but the moving company still shares in the liability protection on your household goods.

KenGottliebMy name is Ken Gottlieb, I am a Relocation Consultant for Guardian Relocation, an Agent for Atlas Van Lines. I have over 25 years of relocation experience, which includes driving, packing, loading, commercial relocations, local, long distance and international relocations.

My goal is to provide the very best service to a family that is relocating either locally or long distance.

You can contact me at the following:

Ken Gottlieb
Guardian Relocation / Atlas Van Lines
2710 Independence Drive
Fort Wayne, IN 46808
Direct:  260-515-1516