Market was just plain CRAZY in 2016. I showed one house the day it came on the market, made an offer in the first 6 hours, only to be told there were SEVEN offers!  Never seen anything like it!

SEVERE shortage of available homes for sale pushed prices up from 4-8% around town.  If you’ve considered selling, this is definitely the time!

Here are some reasons for moving in 2017:  Maybe getting married? Divorced? Promoted at work? Downsizing? Growing family? Who comes to mind? 😀  Grab your phone and let me know!  You know I have been blessed the last few years to only work with people I know or who are introduced to me.  Don’t want to start cold-calling now!  Or ***gasp!*** door-knocking!  OMG  help a brother out!


2016 Real Estate Year in Review – Steuben County, IN

Market is getting STRONGER up in Steuben county.  If peoples’ confidence in the economy continues to rise I expect the demand for lake properties will grow significantly in 2017, further reducing the time on the market.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the lake market has it’s strongest spring in years.

Who do you know who would like to take advantage of the strengthening demand to sell their cottage?  Please take out your phone or shoot me an email letting me know!